Yoga Cure

Prevention of forthcoming misery is the best thing.

Ancient medicine system and yogic science has proved to be very effective in fighting certain diseases incurable with medicines. Most of the diseases cannot be cured by chemicals or other such treatments, because of their emotional origin. They are so-called psychosomatic diseases originate and causes being in the mind, the manifestation in the body. It is for this reason that the cause will not disappear by just treating the body and no patient will ever to be able to overcome such diseases either permanently or completely.


Holistic Health Science

Discover the magic of drugless medicines as you enliven your body, mind & soul. The complete rejuvenating experience. You will be introduced to the incredible cleansing power of ancient remedies like yogic osteo therapy, panchamahabuta therapy, ethric therapy, chakra science, yoga nidra, shanka prakshalana etc.
It approach to nutrition & hygenic life style, simple changes that our life enhancing you will return refreshed and rejuvenated with an easy to follow program to bring these ecstatic feeling.


Trending of unique fitness…..

As per Gheranda Samhita “The human frame is mere earthenware, bake it with the flame of YOGA FIRE.”
Ghata” (earthenware) is technical word used here which indicates not only “body” but all that makes a person as an unit. Through ghata shuddi process which rejuvinates Psycho-physical unit, finally leads to self realisation.
Discover the magic of classical Power Yoga {Ghata Yoga} as enliven in one’s body, mind & soul. The complete rejuvenating experience the person will be introduced to the incredible cleansing power of ancient remediesin a re-designed manner, Authentic Indian format called Classical Power Yoga. It’s a unique blend of Hata yoga, Ghata yoga, Sankhya doctrine which further link up with Ashtanga Yoga.
It quickly benefits body shape , weight reduction, well structured physique.
Improves stamina and anti ageing experience.
De-stress and calm mind with matured personality.

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