The Aim of “YOGA SCIENCE”: IIYN Yogic Health

The Aim of  “YOGA SCIENCE”: IIYN Yogic Health

The Aim of “YOGA SCIENCE”: IIYN Yogic Health

The Aim of  “YOGA SCIENCE”: IIYN Yogic Health

The aim of yoga is Samadhi, self-realization. The finest form of matter is the mind, the Chitta. It is the product of Prakriti and Purusha. It includes Manas, Ahamkara and Buddhi. The first product of Prakriti or the root matter is Mahat or the great principle the Buddhi. Then comes the Ahamkara or I-principle. This matter functions the I-ness, and then the manas or the matter which is the vehicle of thought. These three matters constitute Chitta. Matter or Prakriti constitutes of three qualities Satva, Rajas and Tamas. They are responsible for all experiences and sensations. These experiences are the result of the interaction of matter with Purusha.

Practice of Yoga

The practice of Yoga creates Calmness and Mental Clarity. It also avoids the misery, which is yet to come. This, in turn, reduces the Cittavrttis and frees Purusha from the meshes of matter. And this is the ultimate Aim of Yoga.  Sage Patanjali, enumerates five afflictions (Kleshas) and nine obstacles (Vikshepas) as imperfections in the health of the body and the state of mind.

“Vyadhi-Styana-Samsaya-Pramadalasya-Virati-BhrantiDarsanalabdhabhumi Katvanavasthitatvani Citta-Viksepaste’ntarayah” II

Hence, the Science of Yoga begins, with the Philosophy of sorrow. It aims at the purification of body and mind and ends in emancipation. By the regular and devoted practice of the eight components of yoga, the impurities of one’s body, mind and intelligence are removed.

“Yoganganusthanad Asuddhi-Kshaye Jnana-Diptir A Viveka-Khyateh” II      

By nature the Body is Tamasic (dull and sluggish) the Mind is Rajasic (active and dynamic) and the Self, Sattvic or illuminative.

         The practice of yoga destroys the sluggishness of the body and makes it equal to the activeness of mind.

Yoga is a science of evolution

Yoga can be practiced by all irrespective of caste, creed, and color. The practices transcend the Desha, Kala, and Samaya.

   “Jati-Desha-Kala-Samayanavacchinnah Sarvabhauma Maha Vratam” II

The only thing matters are constant continued practice (Abhyasa) and the spirit of detachment of Renunciation (Vairagya).

Spirituality in Yoga

  • The Official Language of Yoga is Sanskrit.
  • Jivamukti Yoga is performed to Music.
  • Yoga combines Body Postures, Breathing, and Meditation.
  • Yoga leads to a more positive outlook on Life.
  • Yoga helps to make you live longer.
  • Yoga reduces cellulite through muscle stretching.
  • Yoga increases pain tolerance.
  • Yoga reduces blood pressure.

The system of increasing awareness and decreasing disease is the concept of Yoga. It helps you to increase tolerance and reduces blood pressure which makes you live longer.


Yoga restores the mind to simplicity and peace. It can also free it from confusion and distress. Only the practice of Yoga can bring a sense of calmness. Yoga rejuvenates the body, restoring the body and frees the mind from the negative feelings caused by the fast pace of modern life. The reservoirs of hope and optimism are filled within, with the practice of yoga. It helps you to achieve perfect health and spiritual contentment.


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