“YOGA” – The Definition of LIFE: IIYN Yogic Health

“YOGA” – The Definition of LIFE: IIYN Yogic Health

“YOGA” – The Definition of LIFE: IIYN Yogic Health

Yoga is a universal and ancient science based on the Soul, mind, and body. The journey towards a sense of peace and a feeling of being at one’s own environment starts with Yoga. Yoga brings a person internal peace and harmony. The person enjoys social, spiritual, mental and physical health. A Yogi gains balance in unfavorable situations both mentally and physically.

Origin of the word “Yoga”

The word Yoga can be termed as ‘Union of Jivatma and Paramatma’, ‘the union of Prana and Apana’, ‘Samadhi’ and many more. It also has other technical, derivative and conventional meanings. The word yoga is a noun form derived from the Sanskrit root “Yujir” meaning to unite or connect. The noun yoga was thus used to designate a union or connection between various things.  

The Yoga and the Vedic Yoga

The Vedic Yoga is the seed for the other forms of Yoga. Thinking about Veda is quite difficult without Yoga. The practice of Yoga to achieve Spiritual Knowledge involves similar methods of Vedas. Even the deeper practices of Yoga is a representative of yoking of the Vedic Chariots. The Vedas do address Yoga in a prominent but different way. The Vedas themselves are the mantras and reciting them itself is a part of Yoga.

The term Yoga can be derived from either of two roots, “Yujir” or “Yuj”. Yujir means to yoke whereas Yuj means to concentrate.

Yoga and Life

Yoga is a powerful way of Self-Transformation. Each asana and pose plays its own importance in both therapeutic and health effects. Yoga reduces chronic pains, improves posture and quality of sleep, increases your metabolism and vitality, improves the immune system, brings down blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reduces the center of fear and anxiety in your mind. All these positive outcomes from Yoga leaves you behind with a happy body and soul.

Yoga involves similar methods to that of the Vedas. It was the oldest and complex practice which was one of the diverse set of practices, ideas, and concepts of the Vedas.


Thus the word yoga is derived separately from two different roots, namely “Yujir” and “Yuj”. The term “Yajur” indicates a non-technical meaning of ancient Vedic period. And the term “Yuj” latter signifying a quite technical meaning of controlling the senses and mind.

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