Prevention Of Forthcoming Misery Is Ths Best Thing

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Weight Reduction
Holistic Health
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Mental Peace
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Maharshi Patanjali
(The Father of Yoga-Sutra)

About Us


Started service in 2004 with a great ambition of uplifting human values through Indian culture and traditional medicine system. IIYN provided vast opportunity to serve /treat people with ancient health of fitness stream like yoga therapy, Nature cure, traditional rejuvenation program and hygienic living without any side effects, the institute treated number of diseased people with drugless system. Richness of our countries ancient practices should promote through such an ideally blended manner to serve mankind with unique Indian medicine for system of health care. IIYN conducted regular fitness program to all stream of people, taught young generation a precaution method and prevention of forthcoming miseries; personality development etc. also provided an opportunity to women to keep fit physically and mentally by fundamental practice of yoga and spiritual theme. So that we can set a healthy society with healthy mothers. IIYN organized number of social, spiritual, ethical, moral and health program throughout Mysore district and in Bangalore city. Now the Institute decided to step into a greater mission by launching IIYN YOGIC HEALTH PVT LTD for full-fledged service to all over Karnataka, further set a network all part of the country and dream of " GLOBAL FOUNDATION", so that the service of Indian ancient practice of our traditional culture to spread all over the world.